Synergy Air Fitness brings in the Original Curve Treadmill!

Over the years the curve self powered treadmill occupies space within some of the great sporting franchises globally (NFL, NBL, NBA) and now also into the functional training scene.

The original design was created by Alex Astilean with the purpose of improving running technique as well as building the ultimate indoor running experience.

He initially sought out 2 companies but neither of them have managed to create the functionality or feel he wanted, so he went out on his own and is now working with Synergy Air Fitness.

We call it the Synergy Air Sprint Treadmill and the key differences are its robustness in design, material and assembly – all Sprint Treadmills will offer the same experience.

There is just enough curve on our model to engage the posterior chain but also to create a smooth running feeling, an ease of increase speed as well as slowing down efficiently. This is an issue on the Woodway Curve, where they have made the curve too steep and it can’t slow down easy, hence they had to build in a flywheel, that now makes it too hard to start up!

The name Synergy has always been associated with highest quality material, well thought through design and super heavy duty material. We have gone to the best in the field for build and assembly.

The Synergy Air Treadmill is for your gym, or home gym when the sun is too hot, when you are stuck on second floor or in an alleyway, when you want to improve your running skills and for when you want to work on your top speed and anaerobic abilities.

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