Power Climber

  • Patented integrated continuous variable transmission
  • Potential power range of over well over one million watts at 150 step cycles per minute
  • Automatic step range of movement variability up to 70cm
  • Handles allow user to perform a highly effective simulated ‘sled drive’ style movement or alternatively anchor themselves during high load sprints and strength orientated movements

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The Synergy Air Power Climber is our take on a modern version of the recognised step action, well known from all modern fitness and health clubs.

We have used the same approach as with the Power Tower and created an incredible tough and sustainable climber.

Just as the Power Tower and the Power Cycle, we have combined the continuously varied transmission with the turbine, creating a potential for up towards 10 million watts – there is nothing on the market that can produce this level of power.

The handlebars are located to help you pull yourself down, thereby creating more force and a better drive.

We have also changed the angle slightly so the user is leaning more forward thereby creating more posterior chain work allowing for those gluteus and hamstrings to work harder.